Aaliya, Simran and Sidra- Space competition

On Monday Mrs Devaney told us that she had received an important message from NASA telling us that the scientist had seen our blog and thought the writing on it was amazing. So the scientist told us that he had entered us for a competition where we had to write a travel brochure telling people how amazing the new planet we discovered was. For the last two days we have been improving our descriptions so it would be really persuasive. Also this morning Mrs Devaney told us that today we could have a choice of what we would like to do today and how we would present our ideas so some children decided to write a plan of the brochure then record it and others decided to do a written poster type advert. Everybody really enjoyed it and they would like to do it again. This week so far was really enjoyable for everyone and we had a great day!


Aaliya Sidra Simran brochure

Video cproduced by Ashley Brown (@arctic_sunrise)

4 thoughts on “Aaliya, Simran and Sidra- Space competition

  1. Yestday we wached a video from nasa to say that they read the blog and we wer amazed that they they looked at our blog!

  2. wow Simran Aaliya and Sidra that was great I love it espacially the slogan :DON’T DELAY CALL TODAY !!! 8) (just doing my type) ๐Ÿ˜‰

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