Manchester City’s Dramatic Title Success!

On Sunday 13th May 2012 Man City secured there first League title for 44 years, by beating QPR at the Etihad Stadium! (Man City’s stadium.) It was probably the most dramatic title decider in the 20 years of the Barclays Premier League! On the other hand Manchester United were in 2nd place while Man City were 1st!

Man United went ahead with a fabulous header by Wayne Rooney. The word quickly spread around the Etihad Stadium that Rooney, had headed Man United ahead at Sunderland in the Stadium Of Light! (Sunderland’s Stadium.) But Man City were quick to react when Pablo Zabaleta put home a storming shot which cannoned in off the post! Right now Man City were still top of the tree by ‘Goal Difference’!

Man City were now level at QPR because of Djribril Cisse’s effort which flew past Man City’s keeper Joe Hart! Later on City went behind with Traore’s cross and Jamie Mackie’s diving header. The Man United fans couldn’t believe what had happened at the Etihad Stadium, as United’s match came to an end with a final score of 1-0 to United. However, Man city were still playing with just 5 minutes added time.

Eventually, Edin Dzeko headed Man City level with just 2 minutes to go! Man United fans and players thought they had won the title until they heard that Sergio Aguero had put City ahead with about 25 seconds left! Finally, City had won the title for the 1st time for 44 years!!!

By Jai Balaghan.                                                     

All About The Romans… By Paige



Men wore knee length tunics, either sleeveless or short sleeved. Roman men wore a cloak around their tunics, it was wrapped around their shoulder and then carefully wrapped around their body.

Intreasting fact:

 Important Romans wore a toga.


Women wore a tunic that was ankle length. Women wore a stola over which was full length from neck to ankle length, it was then high waisted and fastened at the clasps.

Rich women wore a long tunic that was made with better cotton or silk. They also wore lots of jewellrey and make-up.

How women would have their hair?

They would have their hair in a huge bun and then had curls in. In Roman times their hairstyles was always from ponytails to buns ect ect.

Here is more information about Romans:


To keep gods and godesses happy they would have to sacrifice (kill) animals such as sheep and pigs, if the gods and godesses were angry bad things will happen.


People worshipped gods in a temple where they made sacrifices to animals and preicous things. Romans really belived that the blood was the best way to commincate with their gods. Sheeps were often sacrificed to Jupitar (a god).

Some temples were only built to worship one god. A temple that you could worship to all gods was known as a Pantheon it was named after the entire collection of their gods Pantheon.





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Here is one  picture of Daisy and one picture of Domino:                                                   :

Here is Domino in the park
This is Daisy when she is asleep in her basketHere are my girl puppies playing rugby in the park!

 I really love my dogs and I always take good care of them but I also love other animals too. I love dogs but whats your favourite animal? Comment and tell me! 


What did the Romans play with??? By Shannon!

Most people in Roman times did not have much spare time. They were too busy working. They liked games though. Soldiers often played board games with counters and dice. Counters and boards for their games have been found.                                                 Hunting was also popular. People hunted animals for fun as well as for food.

 Some things the Romans did for fun were horrible. They enjoyed fights between gladiators, and fights between people and animals. These bloodthirsty shows were put on in front of crowds in large arenas called amphitheatres.

What was a Roman play like?

Romans enjoyed the theatre. Most plays were funny comedies, though there were serious tragedies as well. Actors often wore masks to show whether their character was happy or sad! They also wore wigs – an old man had a white wig, a slave had a red wig.


Roman Fun & Games


Romans had lots of different hobbies to keep them busy.
They had games to play at home, plays to go to see and public events for
thousands of people to see.

Children’s games
Roman children had seesaws, swings, kites, hoops and
toy houses to play with. They also played board games like checkers. The girls
had wooden dolls to play with.

The Roman games!

The two games that the Romans liked to watch the most
were chariot racing and gladiator fights. Chariot races were the most popular of
all. The Circus Maximus could have twenty-four chariot races a day.

A racing chariot was a small two-wheeled
cart, pulled by fast horses. Racing was very dangerous and riders often fell off
and were killed. There were four teams : the Reds, Blues, Greens and Whites.
People supported one team and cheered on its drivers – just like supporting a
football team today.

Gladiators were slaves or prisoners made to fight
each other, or wild animals, in front of crowds. These fights were a part of
events called “the games”. They took place in huge open-air buildings called

At the end of a
gladiator fight the emperor would often give a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down”
signal. This was to show whether he wanted the loser to live or to die.

A Roman Theatre!

Roman plays were sometimes copied from
Greek ones. There were two types : tragedies and comedies. A tragedy was a play
with a sad end. A comedy had a happy ending.

The actors wore masks so that it was easy to tell who
they were playing from far away. It must have been difficult to see much from
the back seats anyway.

Snacks were on
sale at big events, they were usually different kinds of fruit or

Parties and buntieqs1
Rich romans
loved to have big parties and feasts. They would eat anything from three to ten
courses. They would have a first course of something like olives, mice,salad,
snails, oysters and perhaps peahens’ eggs. They would then move on to a
selection of meat and fish dishes – stuffed dormice was popular. They would like
to have something special like ostrich, flamingo, peacock or a wild boar as the
centre of their meal. They would then finish off with nuts, fruit, stuffed dates
and honey cakes. Wine was drunk all the way through the meal which could go on
for hours.

The romans used to keep one
room as a vomintorium,  Guests who were full and
wanted to eat more could go into this room to make themselves sick and then
rejoin the group for more food.

used to have entertainers like jugglers, acrobats and dancers to perform during
and after the meal.

Children from poor Roman families had to work hard, but they still found some time to play.

Children from rich Roman families did not have to work and had more time to play because they had slaves to do all the work in the house.


The Romans favourite toys and games were:

Children also played with their pets

Monkeys – though these were rare



Boy’s Games


War games
Wooden sword fights


Girl’s Games


Rag dolls
Wax dolls
Board games


Board games
Models of people
Models of animals
Knucklebones (like Jacks




Roman activities

There a lots of different fun activities that a roman child could do at school but not all roman children. Only the rich ones because the poorer children would have to pay for school and toys and some of these toys were reallly expensive to pay for as well! But some of these toys are the toys that we play with now:

1)Yo yo


3)Board games

4)Jump ropes

5)Dolls/Dolls house

And there is many more life for a rich roman child was very joyful and great becaus ethey got to go to school and play with loads of toys. They even would have a privite teacher come to teach them at home! But for a poor roman child their life would have been a lot harder becausethey  wouldn’t be able to go to school because their parents wouldn’t be able to pay for school and the prents would need the children to stay at home and jobs around the house.


I hope you like these roman facts they should really help you! 🙂


The Romans By Harjun

 The Romas


What kind of gods did Romans worship?

At first, Romans believed in many different gods and goddesses. These gods were like people, but with magical powers. The Roman gods were part of a family. People told stories or myths about them. Each god or goddess looked after different people or things.

These are a few of the old Roman gods:

Saturn: once king of the gods, his place was taken by his son (Jupiter). Saturn was the god of seed-sowing. A merry Roman holiday or festival, the Saturnalia, was named after him.
 Jupiter: god of the sky, he was the most important god.
Juno: Jupiter’s wife, she looked after women.
Neptune: Jupiter’s brother, he was the god of the sea.
Minerva: goddess of wisdom and women’s work, such as weaving cloth.
Mars: god of war, though originally god of farming.
Venus: goddess of love, she was the lover of Mars.


Why did the Romans borrow new gods?

The Romans often borrowed new gods from people they conquered. They hoped these new gods would make them stronger. They borrowed gods from Egypt, for example, such as the goddess Isis. Roman soldiers worshipped Mithras, a god from Iran. A soldier going on a journey might ask Mercury (god of travel) for help, as well as Mithras the soldiers’ god and he might also make a sacrifice to Neptune (the sea god) if he had to travel by ship.

The army

Who was in the Roman army?

Only men could be in the Roman Army. No women. Every Roman soldier was a Roman citizen. He had to be at least 20 years old. He was not supposed to get married while he was a soldier. Most soldiers in the Roman Empire came from countries outside Italy. There were Roman soldiers from Africa, France, Germany, the Balkans, Spain and the Middle East.

Soldiers had to stay in the army for at least 25 years! Then they could retire, with a pension or a gift of land to farm. Old soldiers often settled down to old age together, in a military town or Colonia

How well-trained were Roman soldiers?

Roman soldiers kept fit by running, marching and practice-fighting. They could march 20 miles (30 km) a day wearing armour. They could swim or cross rivers in boats, build bridges, and smash their way into forts. Each man carried his weapons and shield, some food and camping equipment (such as spare clothes, cooking pot and an axe or spade).


How did Romans heat their homes?

Rich Romans liked to be warm and cosy. They had central heating at home, in villas and in public baths. The heating system was kept going by slaves, who kept a fire blazing in a furnace to heat warm air. The warm air moved around the building through spaces under the floors and between the walls. The underfloor space was made by raising the floor on top of piles of tile or stone. The Roman heating system was called a hypocaust.







Titanic diary entry by Paige

14th April 2012


Dear Diary,

It was 10:00opm when I was in the luxiourious, comfortable bed just then I heard BANG! I thought it was nothing until a man (crew) came in and shouted “GET YOUR LIFEJACKET ON AND GET YOURSELF ON THE TOP DECK” of course I never thought we were sinking as the people said my ships unsinkable so I got myself dressed and rushed straight to top deck.

I could hear people screaming despite the people screaming I tried to stay calm. I jumped onto a lifeboat and went down my legs were quivering like jelly and I was missing my husband (Robert) I am petrified I didn`t know what to do without any orders or help we were on are own…

It was around about 11:50pm and the Titanic couldn`t be saved as we watched it sink, the sparkling, dazzling lights switched off like a lightbalb, people were screaming for help we knew we couldn`t help them as my lifeboat was packed with the 3rd and 2nd class passengers I was crying I knew my husband wouldn`t make it.

Archaeologists dig at Bearwood by Noorulain and Zara

Today both year 5 classes were digging at Calthorpe Haven. We had an adventurous time. We found many different ancient items like bottles, bones, bracelets, glass, old pieces of brass and pieces of gold.

We were very excited and we didnt know these items existed over at Calthorpe, they may have been buried many years ago. We had to dig very deep to find different things. It was ever so interesting and we can’t wait to learn about the history behind Calthorpe Haven. What else do you think we might find?

Have a look at us enjoying our Dig.