The Queens Jubilee picnic…By Bismah.

On this week(the last week of school before the holidays) we will be having a special visit from the Queen at Calthorpe Haven at 4:30pm. We all have to dress up in Red,white and blue  because this is the colour of the English Union Flag. All key stages will be performing, we will be dancing. We are all very excited for meeting the queen as this will be a one in a life time opportunity.

5 thoughts on “The Queens Jubilee picnic…By Bismah.

  1. I love your blog post Bismah. I agree with udeshpal I cant wait for the queens jubulee it going to be fantastic. I am already excited.

  2. Are you sure that the real queen of england is REALLY coming?
    Anyway i am still really exited

  3. When my teacher told us that the picnic was cancelled i was really sad 🙁 because i was very exited to go to calthorpe haven and have fun!!

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