R.E Funerals in different religions by Simran

I have done some research about what different religions do at funerals like what kind if rituals they do. I found some information and i would love to share it with you so here is some information:


Sikhs burn their dead. As the body is bathed and clothed in fresh clothes by family members, Sikh prayers are said. The ashes are usually gathered afterwards and put afloat in flowing body of water- returning the person’s last physical remains to nature.


When a christian dies, it is seen as the end of his/her life on earth. A funeral is held for friends and family to grieve for the person who has died and give thanks for their life. If someone is on their deathbed a minister will prepare them for death


The Islamic funeral ceromony is dictated by sharia law ( Islamic religious law). cremation and other practices are forbidden, so burial always occours along with very specific ritual process. Purity and cleanliness are a vital part of the Islamic faith.

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  1. This info about funeral in differnt religions is great. you have done lots of info on Sikhism, Christianty and Islam. Keep it up

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  3. Keep it up with your blog post because its getting better and better. Well done simran. I have learnt alot.

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