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A rock is roughly made up of 2 or more minerals. The rocks you see around you- the mountains,the pavement & the riverbeds, are all made of minerals. E.G. : Think of a chocolate chip cookie as a rock!. The  cookie is made out of flour,butter,sugar & chocolate.The cookie is like a rock and the flour,butter,sugar & chocolate are like minerals. You need minerals to make rocks BUT you don’t need  rocks to make  minerals! I know it sounds confusing  but have you ever heard someone say to you or a teacher say to you like you need sand to make glass but you don’t need glass to make sand. It’s because if you  need minerals to make rocks… What are rocks made off? Minerals, so how can rock make minerals? Did you know that : If you were to cut a mineral shape it would be the same tHrough out! There are about 3000 different minerals in the world. Minerals are made of chemicals- either  a single chemical or a combination of chemicals. There are 103 known chemical elements. Minerals are sorted into 8 groups. Some common examples have been listed for each. When rocks break down into smaller & smaller pieces, they turn into sand. If you look at the sand under a microscope, you will see that sand is made up of the same minerals as the rocks that the sand came from. When plants start to sprout up in sand, it is turning from being just small bits of rock to being soil.

Is a crystal minerals and a type of rock?

The answer is yes. Crystals are minerals that have had the chance to grow in the shape that they were meant to be. Just like your DNA determines the colour of your eyes, how tall you will get to be and the shape of your bones, the chemicals that a mineral is made of determines what shape it gets to be. We can tell different minerals apart by what crystal shape they are. Sometimes minerals form in spaces where there is not a lot of room, so they don’t have a crystal shape. When there is just a big hunk of a mineral, it is called a massive mineral. If there is a definite shape with easy to see flat sides, it is called a mineral crystal. Most of the earth’s crystals were formed millions of years ago. Crystals form when the liquid rock from inside the earth cool and harden. Sometimes crystals form when liquids underground find their way into cracks and slowly deposit minerals. Most minerals crystals take thousands of years to “grow” but some like salt (halite) can form so quickly that you can watch them grow at home!Some people think of crystals as clear pretty rocks that are used for jewelry. Amethyst is a very common quartz crystal. Crystals do not have to be clear, but those are the kinds you will usually see in the stores.



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