Rugby World Cup 2011- data handling

Next week we will be analysing some rugby World Cup data.

What questions do you have about the rugby world cup that you could explore?

E.g. ‘What is the average age of the England rugby team?’
‘Which continent has the most teams in the World Cup?’
‘What is the average rugby players salary?’

Post some questions that you might want to explore here.

9 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup 2011- data handling

  1. 1. Which team scored the most tries?
    2. Which team scored the most penalties?
    3. What was the average attendance at each match?
    4. What is the total number of miles travelled by the Welsh team? Eg Wales to NZ then around NZ.
    5.How has conceded the most points?
    6.How has conceded the least amount of points?

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