5H’s Birmingham City University Visit

5H visited Birmingham City University today take a look at our pictures.


7 thoughts on “5H’s Birmingham City University Visit

  1. I really enjoyed going on the trip and it was a bit fun.It was a vast building,I learnt that you could choose from 55,000 courses to choose from and you only could choose one or two courses. πŸ™‚

  2. The uni was really good and the food was fantastic we had pizza and chips with a fizzy drink and i had a bottle of coke it was lovely and the building was collossal after a while we went to the libary and my group got to sighn out in a book and then sighn it out it was fun i would always love to go again and we met this girl and her name was hannah and she was studing art she was really nice and we met this other man called dan and he wes really nice to. There was over 55,000 courses and in there breake they could go any where they wanted toand we also saw there houses and they were nice aslo we saw the jim and there was loads of people in there and it was nice and calm and there was this big tennis court it was really good i would go agen. πŸ™‚

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