Get talking, get learning

WC: 29.11.10

English: Next week we will be investigating instructions so that we can find out what the key features of an instruction text is. At home brainstorm how and when instructions are used and given. Remember that the best writers are readers so make sure that there are at least 3 entries in your home reading journal by next Friday. Your reading book and home reading journal needs to be brought to school everyday.

Numeracy: Next week we are going to create a catalogue for the Christmas sales so we will need to use percentages to make the discounts. Make a list of everything that you know about percentages. Also log onto Sam Learning to find out what super, special maths work is waiting there for you to complete.
 Topic: Next week we are still working with colour. We will be mixing it, to make secondary and tertiary colours and creating shades and tints in preparation for making our masks for the pantomime. If you have paints at home see how many different tints and shades that you can mix using only blue, black and white.

6 thoughts on “Get talking, get learning

  1. I’ve just been on Sam learning and had a look at the reports, very well done to those of you that have completed their on line tasks, however, there are many of you that have not attempted the tasks yet. Is this because you are having a problem logging on?

    Please let me know if you are having difficulties logging on.

    Mrs Hadley

  2. Mrs Hadley i’ve lost my homework ……… ( instructions are used when u dont know something for example you are making a bed and you have instructions to see how you make it 😀 )

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