26 thoughts on “Children in Need

  1. In 5dK we fillled our Pudesy bear. I think it’s besause we brought in so much money.

    If we put all our money together as a school I think we could raise over £1000 pounds.

  2. We made a giant pudsy, we had an outline and a filling for the inside because
    we had so much money.
    Look at 5H’s picture!

  3. It was fun filling pudsey!
    Im glad all together we raised £249.59.
    I hope the children who need it enjoy it. 🙂

  4. Out of 5h alice and luisa was drawing pudsy on our carpet and we had to fill it with our pennys and we had a letter hunt we had to find the letters and see what it spelt and the people that got it write they would put there names in a hat and we had to shuflfe the hat and the name that got picked out would win a game of connect 4 and the winner was Aman. CONCRATULATIONS AMAN you was the winner yeah 🙂

  5. I think we all made a great effort to raise money for children in need and I also think we raised loads well done.

  6. We didn’t get to finish the Pudsy but we’ll do it next year I herd Frayal bought £6! I enjoyed the treasure hunt. Well done Aman for getting the prize!

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