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WC: 22.11.10

English:  Next week we will continue to write our pantomime scripts.  I’ve noticed that many of you need apostrophe practice, so whilst you are reading please look out for where and when apostrophes are used.

Remember that the best writers are readers, so get reading.


Numeracy:  Next week we are going to design and make a game that will help children to develop their understanding of fractions.

Make a list of the fraction knowledge and skills that we could include in the game.  



Next week we are going to be working with colour.

We will be mixing it, to make secondary and tertiary colours and creating shades and tints in preparation for making our masks for the pantomime.

If you have paints at home see how many different colours you can mix using only red, blue and yellow.

15 thoughts on “Get talking, get learning

  1. For the topic of colour there are primary and secondary colours.
    secondary:Brown,green orange and purple.

  2. Here are some colours you can make by mixing blue,red and yellow, the primary colours.

    Yellow+ Blue=Green
    Red+ yellow= Orange

  3. blue+yellow=green
    Now you can make:

    and so on…

    When you add white or black to a colour it makes it darker or lighter.

  4. Here are the are the steps to succes to convert improper into mixed fractions.
    1. Check the numerator is bigger than the denominator. 7/3
    2. Divide the numerator by the denominator.
    7 divided 3= 2r1.
    3. write the whole number 2.
    4. Write the remainder as a fraction.

  5. do you know what I found out today that if I mix red with black it makes a brown colour add red to make it light add black to make it darker.

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