Get talking, get learning 15.11.10

English: Next week we are going to write the script for our pantomime so make sure that you vote, which pantomime you would like to do, on the blog. Also note down 2 problems for the lead character of your chosen pantomime: one small problem and a big problem.
And remember that the best writers are readers, so get reading.

Numeracy: Next week we are going to be market researchers so find out what a market researcher does and think about what we might research.
Also think about what mathematical skills it might be useful to have if you are a market researcher.

Next week we are still looking at light and shadows and how we see.
Now that we have begun looking at this topic, formulate 5 questions that you would like to find the answers to.

24 thoughts on “Get talking, get learning 15.11.10

  1. I have an idea of what a market researcher is.
    A market researcher is someone who looks at the market so they can stop what is missing so they can get the most unique product.

    I am not sure if I am 100% correct.

  2. I hope we do Aladdin because both girls and boys act in it so it would be fair. Maybe we do a story but then add a twist to it.

  3. That is what are doing isn’t it. If it is this is my two problems for Aladdin
    1) maybe after they get married the spell that made A’bahaas good wears off. Then he steals the lamp and rubs the lamp and he makes the genie get the princess to get so ill she nearly dies- or does she?…
    2)Maybe Aladdin loses his memory loss and no-one knows he goes to somewhere else and gets lost will he find his way home?…

  4. If there is a biggest lighthouse who invented it? and where is it?
    Which country uses the most light? and which country use the least?
    What is the least important in your eyes and which is the important?

  5. For Aladdin:
    (small problem)
    Aladdin goes to prision for talking to the Princess

    (big problem)
    Aladdins genie is EVIL!

    • For Aladdin:
      [small problem]
      Aladdin marries princess but she is evil.
      [big problem]
      Aladdin rubs lamp but he gets stuck inside it.

  6. A market researcher is someone who looks at the market and data to see which and what is missing from it. I think so. 🙂 😉

  7. I voted for Aladdin.

    Small problem: Aladdin finds out that his aunt is abarzas assistant.

    Big problem: His aunt is trying to seperate alladin from the princess.

  8. Small problem:
    He needs to find true love.

    Big problem:
    His true love is stuck in the tower or the villian is trying to take over the world!

  9. small problem: the king doesn’t want princess to marry aladdin
    (until he finds the magic lamp.)

    big problem: he has met an evil that wants to take over the world!

  10. In Numeracy we are being market researchers and handling data. I know a website where you can understand handling data better.

    In Google, type KS2 Bitesize and then you click on the first website and click on maths and then press on Handling Data and you should see three different links. There are many other activities you can try on that website. 🙂 😉 🙂 😉

  11. We are doing Aladin in class already. My group has got the most votes today. I have enjoyed writing the playscript so far. We are upto Scene 2. 😉 🙂 😉 🙂

  12. I have learnt lots about light and shadows. At sunrise the shadows are 170cm. Then at 9:00 shadows are 45cm. Soon at midday the shadows are the shortest, they are 25cm.
    Then again 3:00 shadows are 45cm then at sunset shadows are 170cm

  13. I think that shadows are made
    like this we are opac so the shadow cant get through us so it just makes our shape behind our body 😀 😉

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