Year 4 fire safety visit

Today year 4 have had a visit from Red Watch at Smethwick fire service. The team came in to teach the children about fire safety. We learnt about how quickly a fire can start, where to position your smoke alarms and how to find a safe route out of a burning building.

If you haven’t got smoke alarms in your house you can call Smethwick fire station who will visit your house and fit them free of charge.

You can contact the station on 0121 380 7533.


12 thoughts on “Year 4 fire safety visit

  1. i really enjoyed learning about fire safety and keeping safe in the car and in the road i really enjoyed it thank you mr watkins.

  2. I have learnt when there is a fire and the smoke goes up you should never walk in smoke otherwise you cannot breathe so you should crawl instead .

  3. Well that was very nice and simran told me everything she was checking down the stairs and up the stairs. I asked her what are you doing she said mom im checking if we have fire alarm i phoned the number that was on the sheet and the fire man cam was bob and sukh also adhum

  4. Hello sir I am not well for 2 days of in school but I loved learning fire red watch . I will come back next week. What are you doing

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