The Deep Dark Secrets About Fairies


Many humans believe that fairies are ravishing, gorgeous and tender. However, they’re wrong this is the truth about fairies and their dark side.

What do they look like?

Interestingly, fairies have yellow, sharp rotten teeth because of the sweets they eat. They look kind and respectful but they have a dark side. Some fairies wear dark grey because they don’t like colour but others wear royal dresses and tutus. Nice fairies have green eyes but the evil fairies have brown or black eyes.

Where do they live?

Fairies are very adaptable creatures, they can live anywhere that tickles their fancy. However, most fairies live in woodland, under castles or enchanted forests. The evil fairies are usually found in deep, dark woodlands or forest kingdoms. Surprisingly, fairies like to hide amongst foliage.

What do they eat?

Interestingly, the evil fairies drink human blood, you have been warned! But the nice fairies enjoy natural foods like pixie pears, mallow fruits and hot, golden toast.

Did you know?

Fairies wings are made of a special material called taffaria. This is an ultra strong, silky transparent material.

By Avaani


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