The Waterfall Trolls

Once upon a time, there was a family of trolls who lived in a cave in Hawaii. If the family of trolls ever went outside for more than ten seconds they would turn into a waterfall! The trolls names were Bob, Pops and Filadophia. In Hawaii they lived in a rather old cave. Inside the cave, they had a lumpy rock bed each, they had a warm fireplace and a rocky sofa.

The trolls stepped outside for fresh air but just then Bob spotted a human about to fall into a river! Bob shouted ” Look! Someone is in danger! Let’s go help him!” But Pops and Filadophia said, “No, because we can’t stay out here for long!” But Bob had already rushed over to help. Pops and Filadophia raced over to make Bob go back inside. But Bob didn’t listen. Pops said “Come on!” We can’t stay out here.” Filadophia said, “fine, me and Pops will go inside without you Bob!”

They both went inside Bob quickly ran to a tree and snapped off a branch, rushed over to the person and threw the branch to the person. The person jumped in terror and ran away. Just then, the tenth second passed and Bob gasped and stiffened. Bob immediately turned to stone.

So you see you should never ignore a warning.


Maddison 3M

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