Dudley Museum

We’re back after an amazing day at the museum. Firstly, we learnt about an extremely rare and terrifying Allayanasaurus! After that we found out how fossils were made and we had the chance to investigate some real life fossils. Afterwards we found out about two famous palaeontologists who discovered an ichthyosaurs fossil. Eventually we had the chance to explore the museum.

My favourite part was seeing the skull of a T-Rex. What was yours?




15 thoughts on “Dudley Museum

  1. We had fun at the museum and it was funny when the dinosaur was moving. Me and my group saw lots of dinosaur
    bones too.

  2. I had lots of fun at the museum. My favourite part was when I became a Allayanasaurus. The funny part was when we were looking at a dinosaur model and then it suddenly started moving and it scared us. I would like to go again.

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