Mohsin’s Fairy Cakes

In the holidays I decided to make and treat myself to some tasty fairy cakes. They’re very easy to make, so have a go.


First weigh the ingredients and be very accurate just like me.
200g Margarine, 200g Sugar and three eggs.


Next put all the ingredients into a bowl and mix them until nice and smooth.


Then weigh 200g of self raising flour and gradually add this to your mixture. Mix and fold it carefully, otherwise the cakes won’t rise.
After that put some paper cases on to a baking tray, and then put the mixture into the cases. TIP: two teaspoons is good enough.
Meanwhile preheat your oven to 180’c and then carefully put your baking tray of cakes into the oven
After that bake the cakes for 10 mins in the oven, make sure to keep an eye on your cakes.
BE CAREFUL OF THE HOT OVEN , get a grown up to help you.
Eventually when the cakes are cooked, add icing sugar or any other decorations. Make sure they cool down first before you add anything. They are now ready to eat and they taste, sweet, spongy, mouth watering and very delicious.
























Planting My Pumpkin plant By Mohsin


Before the holidays I planted a pumpkin seed in a pot. It grew so big that in the holidays I decided to plant it in my garden. First I cleared a patch,  making sure all the weeds  were out. Then I dug a hole and put the plant in to the hole, patting the soil onto it. Last of all I watered it, and drank a big glass of water my self because it was really hard thirsty work.



I wonder if my pumpkin will grow as enormous as the enormous turnip, or gigantic as James’s Gigantic peach.








Book Review: Tom Gates Absolutley FANTASTIC (at some things) By Mohsin Khan

Tom Gates is an absolutely cool book. In this book he goes on  a school activity trip and forgets to bring his form back to school. He has a wide eyed teacher called M.r Fullerman. Meanwhile at home his mom says he’s having a new neighbour so Tom peaks and has a look, he sees that this girl is tall and same age as him but the girl starts making faces at him. Back at  school Tom brings his form to the office were he has a shock that the same girl who was making faces at him is going to the same school as him. He begs the office lady to not put the girl in the same class as him but she does!

In the activity trip they will be doing various activities like:

1. Making rafts.

2.Watching out for very weird creatures.

3. Midnight Feasts.

I rate this book TEN OUT OF TEN!!

This book is brilliant and an excellent read. You will not want to put this book down until you finished it.

(You can buy it from ASDA it is very cheap).

My Day At The Funfair, By Mohsin Khan

Today I went to the funfair, I had an amazing time. I really enjoyed myself . Have a look at some of my pictures.

 First I went on the flying swing it starts off slow,  then it gets faster  and faster until the gravity makes  your legs swing high by themselves. It was brilliant.


This is me trying to

work out paddling:

forward makes the

boat go


its hard work  but loads of fun, this was the most challenging ride.


This is when I went inside the CRAZY Cottage! First you have to go through the spinner  I thought it was scary, so I decided to jump over it. However, I accidently landed on the spinner.  I went around and around, very dizzy! Next you have to go through the tunnel of doom when you go inside you jump onto the next platform. Once I done that I had to go up these stairs and then I went down a really COOL slide and that’s when I came out onto the balcony and saw my parents so I waved to them.


I had the most fabulous time with my sisters. We really enjoyed ourselves it was exciting going on the rides and going really high up. I had butterflies in my tummy because the rides went so high. The feeling was so incredible, terrifying, exciting, and fantastic all rolled into one.


At the end I had an ice cold slushy,  it was an amazing day the weather was really good nice and hot.

Finally, I came home in the evening and had some delicious pizza. Then I decided to read some of my book “Tom Gates Is Absolutely FANTASTIC (at some things)”.

 (Don’t miss the review in the next blog post)