3M Limericks.

Today in Literacy we have been looking at Limericks. We learnt all about the structure of these and had a go in groups at writing our own. Read them below and write and have a go at writing one of your own.

There was a boy from France,

Who never wore his underpants.

His bottom got cold,

And his nose turned to gold,

So now he has learnt how to dance.


There was a boy from France,

Who did an underpants dance.

He was rather short,

Like a year 1 sort,

He also had ants in his pants.


There was a boy from France,

Who could do a super dance.

His performance had power,

So a girl gave him a flower,

On the next show he wet his underpants.


There was a girl from Bearwood,

Who got into trouble with Miss Haywood.

She pushed over a boy,

Broke his toy,

And now she tries to be good.

One thought on “3M Limericks.

  1. I really liked listening to your performances you looked like you enjoyed this limerick especially the girl from Bearwood it made me laugh.

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