3M Habitats Homework.

Last week for homework you were asked to explore your gardens to find all the different habitats you have and also the organisms that are living there.

Here are some of the different ways you presented your findings, we were really impressed with these.

By Leontina Leontina drew her mini beasts.

  Mohsin drew and labelled his habitats.

  Michael used a tally chart to present his results.

 Sofeeya presented her findings in a table with pictures.

5 thoughts on “3M Habitats Homework.

  1. What a lovely picture of our garden. It’s really amazing to see how many different habitats and organisms there are in our garden.

  2. Wow! Me and Miss Mortimer are so impressed with your homework.
    We love the different ways you have all presented your work!

    Some children want to explore what features the organisms have in common.

    What similarities have you discovered?

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