Our Adventure to Egypt by Hugo and Simran.

Miss Mulkit and Miss Mortimer explained to us that we would be visiting Egypt tomorrow…..this was very exciting news for our class! Firstly we had to make our own passports, we wrote our surname first, then we wrote our name onto the passports and then we had to do our date of birth, gender (if we were male or female,) where we were born and the date of issue (the day we did our passports). After that we all had to have our individual passport photos taken and stuck these into our passports, we even had to have a visa stamp! Miss Mulkit then told us that these had to be sent away to the Embassy before we could start out adventure to Egypt.

The next day when we came to class we had to wait outside and be given our passport back, we were all really proud of these and it was our responsibility to look after our own passports.  We were then put into groups and entered the class room, we were all so excited because we were boarding a boat to take us to Egypt. The tables had been turned upside and blue tissue paper had been used so it looked like the River Nile and we had to sit really carefully on the boat and not rock them because we didn’t want anybody to fall in the water! The sea was choppy and the waves were splashing us. We heard Egyptian music and felt the sun blazing down on us. We kept taking photographs as we were getting closer to Egypt.

Eventually we arrived at Egypt and looked at the gigantic pyramids, the sphinxes and also we got to look closely at some hieroglyphics. All the class really enjoyed our adventure to Egypt, on the boat on the way back we were all really tired and weren’t so noisy!

Sharks – Book quiz

1. Why does Orpheus love Eurydice?

2. Why did the god let Orpheus have his wife back?

3. Why did the god send Eurydice to the underworld?

4. Why did Orpheus go to the underworld?

5. Why did Orpheus look back at Eurydice?

6. How did Orpheus become a musician?