My recount, by Harpreet

Today was the most strange day of my life! I was  as small as a pin. I was shocked, petrified and amazed because of how small I had got.

Suddenly, I heard stomping, the ground  started to shake like an earthquake  and them my tummy started to grumble. So then I went to the stairs.

Quickly, I got at the top of the stairs I said  ‘How will I get down  the stairs?’ Then I got a metre  stick, I slid down the metre stick.

Loudly, I shouted ‘Whoooooooooo!’ I got off at the bottom of the stairs. I ran into the kitchen, on the way I bumped into the cat.

Then the hoover turned on, the lady giant sucked me up and I could not get out and I thought that was the end of me!

Our Creative Morning Challenge!! By Year 3.

Our class teacher gave us a morning challenge. We had a bag of different materials and we had to create whatever we could think of. We worked as teams and we hope you like what we have created. Could you please help us though, and tell us what we could call our creations. Thank you very much indeed.

 Year 3 children.

My Recount By Eithsham

One good, fine morning  I woke up and I realised that I was not in my bedroom.  Everything was enormous and strange. I thought I was dreaming so I slapped myself but it was true.  The floor was shaking and thundering, I thought it was an earthquake but when I went in the kitchen  I realised it was the laundry. Arrrrh I am a borrower!  Oh no it’s the tap and he is opening it.   I’ve got to climb out  but it will take me all morning and I will drown…Oh no!  Arrrrh! HELP!  Unexpectedly,  I never drowned  but I am still under the pipe.  It is disgusting and I am all wet and soggy.  Wow is that a car maybe it can help me get back to my house. Aaaaarh this is an amazing  human being. Aaaarh… I’m in the public  also I’ve been seen and its so so dark.  I want to turn back. Suddenly, my wish came true  and I was a  human  being again!

What do you think of my impressive writing?

Breaking News About King Futurama By Alina and Khushi

King Furturama is taking over the world.  We need your help to stop him!  King Furturama wants money so please can we collect some money so he doesn’t take over the world.  We would like to save Marty from being lost forever.

Thank you in advance!

King Furturama has trapped Marty from 2012! Disaster… Can you help us free Marty? If you can, log onto the Bearwood Blog and you will be able to find all of the extra information you need.

Thank you for helping!

Look at our Mysterious Classroom!

Guess what happened today everyone! When we came into school today our classroom looked like this! Can anyone please tell us what has happened to our lovely classroom? Some of us think “The Borrowers” have somehow come into our classroom and done this.  Also when we were doing our VCOP our football from our Goal Scorer fell off  and fell onto the floor! What is happening in  Year 3 today? Somebody please tell us what is going on.  Thank you so much, Year 3.