Science by Azeikel and Jada


In science we have been learning about light and circuits , but some lights are  more powerful than others We learnt about wires and a long red wire is stronger than a short wire because it is more powerful.

What have you learnt about in science?

Pe and Games by Rio and Simran

In Games we were doing football with Mr.Neil and I enjoyed it a lot. We have learnt how to pass a football. My favorite player is Fernando Torus.

In the hall we were doing bangra dancing with Miss. Smith I loved it!

What do you think about our PE and Games?


Literacy by Harpreet and Aneesha

In Year 33 we wrote a letter to little mix to convince them to help children in need.  We explained what children in need are.  They asked questions about how they would feel if they needed help from children in need.  Some of the questions were how would you feel if you lived on the streets? How would you feel if you had no food and needed money? We told them facts about children who did not have food or drink.  We thought they could raise money for children in need.

What did you put in your writing?

Numeracy by Muhammed and Sian


In Numeracy we have been doing 2D and 3D shapes. We have been concentrating on regular and irregular shapes.  An irregular shape is a shape shape but it has different lengthsides. If it is a 3D shape it can never be an irregular shape.  I found it a bit difficult.


Go on Mathletics and learn about 2D and 3D shapes.  Post your comments to show what you have learnt and to help me.

Problems and Solutions

Remember the man I was talking about? Tzvetan Todorov.

He says that a good story needs interesting characters and exciting locations.

But a good story also needs a problem for the characters to solve.

So what about our play? What ideas do you have for problems that our characters might have in India, or problems that mean they have to travel to India?

I’d love you to write some comments with your ideas.



URGENT! … Pudsey Here!

Thank you Year 3 for your ideas and suggestions yesterday … they were absolutely amazing! I forwarded them straight to the chief of X-Factor Gary Barlow and although he said he was very grateful for them he did put in one more request. So I was just wondering if you could do me one more favour because Gary Barlow would like a more formal invitation to ask for Little Mix’s help? PLEASE!

Task: Can you write a letter to Little Mix telling them:

1. What Children in Need is.

2. Fundraising ideas.

3. How their fundraising can help less fortunate children.

4. A final plea (message) to beg them for their help and support.

Thank you so much Year 3,

I can’t wait to read your letters 🙂

From your favourite bear, Puds.

My Secret Mission … URGENT!

Hello everyone! It’s your favourite bear here … Pudsey!

Miss Kirkham and me!

I met Miss Kirkham last week in Stoke-on-Trent and she told me how wonderful and hard working you all were in Year 3 so that started me thinking …

Basically I have been really struggling these past few months to get celebrities involved in Children in Need. They keep saying they are too busy with things like X-factor and Strictly come Dancing and to be honest I’ve got myself into a bit of a panic, so anyway I got to thinking after I met Miss Kirkham and was just wondering if you would be able to help me?

She said you were all very eager to help anybody in need? If you really want to help then here is your secret mission …

We really want Little Mix from X-Factor to appear on our show but they just don’t seem convinced. Please can you find out 5 fabulous reasons why we should help to fundraise for Children in Need and post them back to me on your blog so that I can convince them to come and support us on Friday. I know it is a huge task but I would be eternally grateful; I may even throw in some freebies for Children in Need if you can help.

Thank you ever so much,

Your number 1 bear, Pudsey

P.s. Watch this video to inspire you!