Hooray for Bollywood by Venita and Zuzanna

In topic we have been learning about Hooray for  Bollywood. We are going to make a play like an indian musical.  I love it because I am going to do a play in front of the whole school.  We have been learning about India. In India it is really hot and there are a lot farms.

What have you learnt about India?  

By Venita and Zuzanna

15 thoughts on “Hooray for Bollywood by Venita and Zuzanna

  1. I like the topic hooray for Bollywood because we learnt all about india and weeks fantastic things about it and it was really fun and we done lots of religions about them.

  2. I like our new topic because its fantastic, we learnt lots about India. In india its really hot there and its called the monsoon season and sometimes the weather could change in India.

  3. Learnt lots of facts about the hottest place what
    we are learning about, INDIA!
    Thank you very much Dom and Miss Smith!

  4. I Love Our Topic Because We Get To Do Lots Of Fun Stuff Like Working With Dom.
    i know a fact about india, india is a really hot country and the people from india eat really spicy food 😛

    in school we have done some play scripts and we are going to perform in front of our parents i cant wait until we do!!
    my play script is about spicy food it is really funny we are also doing a bhangra dance and Dom is going to place the lights in a Rangoli pattern. this pattern welcomes people in india and is placed on the floor.
    i really like my topic.
    its fantastic 😀 🙂

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