Our new Year Three topic!

What do you think our new Autumn 2 topic could be? We are very excited about it and can not wait to tell you all about it.

Follow the link below to watch the video, as it might give you a few clues about our new topic! Please post all of your ideas underneath.

See you all very soon, Miss Smith and Miss Kirkham.

9 thoughts on “Our new Year Three topic!

  1. I know what it is! It is Hooray for bollywood! I hope we are going to do lots of cooking and we can dress up and decorate our role play!

  2. Please can you put more expression on your faces when you are starting your dance. Maybe you feel nervous? But you could still put some expression on your faces so no one knows you feel nervous.
    I liked your dance because you put lots of energy into it.

  3. The Bollywood dancing is amazing I wish I could dance like that. I can’t wait to do dancing and play in our role play and cook, dress up and have fun also I am looking forward to getting into our groups. This is going to be fun!

  4. Wow I love this Indian dance because it was fantastic. I like the ending when they have the costumes and they jumped on eachothers shoulders.

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