Writer’s Workshop Sneak Preview!

Would you like an insight into this week’s Writer’s Workshop? If so then carry on reading to find out more!

This week you will become film critics as you write your very own film review for your favourite film; so make sure you bring your glasses, flip chart and critical eyes along with you this Friday! Begin to think about which film you would like to review. Which is your favourite film? Why? Leave your comments and let us know!

Also try watching this film trailer:


What do you like/dislike about the film? Can you begin to write a mini review about it to let us know your opinions? The winning review will take centre stage on the WOW wall for all to see!

12 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop Sneak Preview!

  1. Wow! This is very exciting and I can’t wait to do it! Thank you Miss Kirkham for planning this lovley suprise for us to enjoy!

  2. wow!we done lots of wow!words! in literacy and we have done lots of exiting things in literacy and than you miss kirkham for making lovley things in literacy this week.

  3. I love dinosaurs because they are big and strong and powerful. Dinosaurs love eating green leaves, and they have a long neck!!!!

  4. in literacy i done all about mews and finding out what happend in it and it tells us lots of facts about the news and there was lots of information about it and it was great when i saw the news and i was so shocked when i saw a penguin and this lady said on the news that she is gonna live on the street and thats what i saw on the news.

  5. This morning Mrs Daniels came into our class and something went zooming past her and next to her door there was a dinousour footprint and then we went searching for dinousour stuff and we went and we saw 2 dinousour footprints. One was next we went down the steps and we saw another footprint next to the office and we went searching for dinousour stuff outside and i was standing in the Quiet zone and something went zooming past my face and i got scared and we looked at two dinosaur footprints next to the basketball net and a boy in my class dylan someone wrote his name on the wall maybe it was the dinousour and we could not do literacy.

  6. today in literacy i done witers workshop i done all about news and i found out lots of things for writers workshop and we did lots of things also we are gonna think that who are the people who are getting the goal scores next week!i hope there is gonna be lots of children.

  7. in writers workshop we get goal scores and i be really really happy because we get lots lots of prizes and i got a goal score today and i was really happy when i got it and i was felling fantastic and i was just so happy when i got it and miss kirkham is the best techer in the world and she is really really kind to me all the time.

  8. In writers workshop we done all about the incredible island and it was sizzling like a volcano and miss kirkham is making us a good literacy lesson for us to make it really fun

  9. when we done writers workshop last week we did all about 4 storys and they were called princess smartypants,600 and a bit,the cow layed an egg and captin flinn and the pirate dinosaurs it was fun when we wrote about it and thank you miss kirkham for planning us a lovely suprise

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