Get Talking, Get Learning

Literacy-Have you got any letters at home? See if you can have at look at a letter that somebody has written at home. What do we need to remember to include in a letter? Can you find out what the words informal and formal mean? What would you wear to a formal party? What could you wear to an informal party? Draw a picture of your formal and informal outfits.

Phonics– Make sure you take your Phonics book home and share it with somebody every day. Challenge yourself to read and write all your speed sounds.

In Numeracy next week we are going to open our own Bearwood Post Office! Did you find out what things are sold in a Post Office? We are also going to be looking at and using money this week. Over the weekend, see if you can find any receipts. What do they look like? What information do they give us? Can you use coins to make the amounts on the receipt?

Next week in ‘The View From My Window’ we will be publishing our Bearwood leaflets. Decide what you need to do to publish your leaflet. Is there any extra research you can do at home to improve your leaflet? We will also be going on a walk around Bearwood to take some photographs for our leaflets. Think about photographs you would like to include. Where will we need to go to get this photo?

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