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 If I take all the books out of a library, is it still a library?

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  1. I think it is still a library because CD’s, DVD’s, Computers and an area of study are all part of a library. If they were still present despite book I think you can still call it a library.

  2. I think a library is a collection of information. So, if all the items were taken out, it would not be a library. Did you know the bible is considered to be a library as it contains lots of different books?
    BTW – I love libraries! Shush!!!

  3. it is still a libary it has dvds computers and don’t forget you only can take out 30 books at one time so you won’t be able to take all the books

  4. I think it isn’t because if you have a caramel choclate and you took the caramel out it wouldn’t be a caramel choclate because it doesn’t have caramel it’s the same with a library if you take books out of a library its not a library.

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