Get Talking, Get Learning

Week Commencing  3.1.2011

Literacy – Next Year in Literacy we are starting to follow and write instructions.  What are instructions? How and when do we use them? What do they look like? Can you make an ‘instructions’ poster? Bring it in to share with your class.  Challenge– Can you write your own Christmas story Playscript?

Phonics– Get reading!  Get out all your phonics books and read one everyday with somebody!  Can you answer all the questions? 

Remember to keep reading everyday and fill in your blue journal. Look for new words! Use a dictionary to find out what they mean.  (Remember Microsoft Word has a thesaurus that could help you too.)

Numeracy –  Keep practising your time telling!  Can you tell the time whenever somebody asks? Over the holiday keep busy! Challenge yourself to solve +  –  x  ÷ questions.  Use the steps to success to help you.  When we come back we are weighing.  Over the holidays get in the kitchen with your family and get cooking.  Can you use weighing scales and measure out ingredients? Learn lots of new skills to show us.     How would you use these to weigh?

Our new topic is ‘Rainbow Fabric!’

We are going to be Independent Enquirers.  This means you are going to become researchers.  Over the holidays can you find the answers to these questions?


What is fabric?

How do we use fabric?

Where does fabric come from?

How is it made?

Number Families


Today in Numeracy we worked in small groups to create a poster to explain and demonstrate Number Families.

What is a Number Family?

Can you post any examples of Number Families?

Expanded Method for Addition and Subtraction

Last week in Numeracy we  learnt new methods of addition and subtraction. Watch the videos to remind yourself of the methods.

This video demonstrates the expanded method for addition. Remember we lay our work  out the same as the second example in the video.


This video demonstrates the expanded method for subtraction.


Get Talking, Get Learning

Week Commencing  13th December 2010

Literacy – Next week we are becoming published authors. Over weekend try to find some play scripts to look at. Think about what makes the best play script. Look at how stage directions are used. You are going to finalising and publishing your Bollywood Film script for other groups to act out! Are you ready?

Phonics-Read and talk about three of your favourite books this weekend. Can you draw and describe your favourite three characters? In sentences write about why you like them and why you chose these books.

 Keep learning your spellings out of your spelling logs. Can you get someone to test you at home?

Don’t forget your Blue Reading Journals we need them to be in school everyday! We want to write in them too. Keep them safe in your school bag.

Numeracy – We had a fantastic week challenging ourselves t + and – with larger numbers.  Can you tell someone how we add and subtract in Year 3?  Going home today is some maths homework.  Work with someone at home to talk about and solve each question.  Next week its x and ÷.  Can you remember how we x and ÷? Look at the poster we sent home last week.

It’s filming time.  On Monday and Tuesday we are going to be recording your Bollywood films!  Make sure you bring in all your props and costumes.  Have you learnt your lines? Make sure you are ready.  Talk to someone at home about your Bollywood movie.  Then we are moving on to be film critics and evaluate our films.  Talk to someone at home about film critics and why we have them.

Talk Homework 10.12.2010

 Imagine you are the troll from the Three Billy Goats Gruff. How would you feel if three horrible goats kept stomping across your bridge and waking you up? Well, you have had enough from now on the bridge will be closed! On Friday you will be writing a letter to a newspaper as the troll to explain why you are closing the bridge.

Think of three reasons why you have decided to close your bridge.

Think of two super sentences to describe how you feel.

Christmas Assembly

On Friday 17th December 2010 Key Stage 2 will be attending St Mary’s Church for their Christmas Assembly. The Assembly starts at 9:45 prompt. Year 3 will be performing Jingle Bells on the Ukulele. In addition to that performance we will be singing  Christmas Carols. Please listen to the following audio tracks.

Away in a Manger

In the Bleak Mid Winter

Silent Night

We Three Kings

Calculations Week

This week in Numeracy we are having a calculations week. This means we are focusing on all 4 operations and they are  addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We have made short films to remind ourselves of the methods.






I just wanted to take this opportunity to share this video with the rest of  Year 3.  It was created in Lego Movie Making by  a group  of children  in Year 3 during University.


What has been your  highlight of University so far?

What course are you currently trying to graduate in?

What course would you like to undertake next half term?