Before Man

Wow! That went quickly! Our first half term of the year is over and so is our topic of ‘Before Man’. The teachers would like to be nosey and find out what you thought about the topic.

What was the most enjoyable piece of work you  did during the half term?

What did you rate as the most creative piece of work you did during the half term?

What new skills did you learn?

What skills have you developed?

How are you going to remember what you have learnt?

Would you want anything done differently?

Would you like the adults in Year 3 to change or amend anything in the topic?

The Year 3 teachers would like to say a big thank you for working so hard this half term.  This week you are allowed to sit back and recharge your batteries  ready for another action packed half term!

5 thoughts on “Before Man

  1. I cant believe our first half term has gone so quickly! I was just trying to think back to all the fun weve had and everything that we have learnt since september. I am amazed at how much information you know about dinosaurs and also how excited you have been to learn more. You have produced some super homework, and I cant wait until after the holidays to hear whether anybodys clay dinosuar has been on a secret adventure!

  2. i will love to have a adventure with my dinosaur and i will take myn to dinoland
    and we will have alot of fun!!!!!!! it was fun making the clay dinosaurs it was fun even though my hands were dirty.

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