Get Talking, Get Learning!

Literacy – Wow! You are great at describing now.  Over the holiday pick three settings.  Draw and describe them in sentences.  Challenge yourself to use ‘ly’ words, different connectives and a list sentence. Bring them in to share on the Tuesday.

 Phonics- Challenge yourself to read a book a day! Can you read and write all the green words?   

Don’t forget to read everyday and keep learning your spellings.   

Numeracy –We have learnt so much this half term! Adding, subtracting, learning how to tell the time, measuring lengths, and 2D shape.   Make a poster to show what you have learnt.  Over the holidays keep learning your time tables.  Remember to use your fingers to count on. Write them down and keep saying them.  Work on all your tables.  Get someone to help you by giving you time tables quizzes!

You have worked really hard and we love your brilliant clay dinosaurs!  You made your own dinosaur world.  Can you build your dinosaur a home? Try using a shoe box to make a dinosaur habitat.

Our next topic is Hooray for Bollywood.   Do you know what Bollywood is? Get researching and bring in your fabulous work to share with your class.   Where is Bollywood?   What happens in Bollywood? Be ready to ‘Show what you know’!

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