Get Talking, Get Learning!

Literacy – It’s the final week of report writing! Are you ready?  Have you got all your facts? This weekend make sure you have got all your facts and you are ready to write.

Phonics- Make your own phonics library at home.  Pick different books to read this week.  Can you read all the red and green words? Can you read and write you speed sounds?

Numeracy – Wow we are shape champions now! Can you make a poster to show what you have learnt about 2D shapes.  Can you use these words; quadrilateral, rhombus, kite, equilateral triangle and line of symmetry? This week we are going to be adding and subtracting.  Do you remember how to add and subtract on the number line?

In topic we are going to be preparing for our trip to ‘The Public’.  Have you brought all your forms back?  We are going to be drawing and making our own 3D dinosaurs.  Which dinosaur are you going to make? Do you know what it looks like? Can you bring in some pictures?

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