3D Class book-Superfudge

Superfudge is a  children’s novel by Judy Blume, published in 1980. We have been nearly finished this as our class book. Have you enjoyed this book? What has been your favourite part of the book?  Who is your favourite character and why? What do you think will happen at the end of the story?

Sandwell Youth Music Festival

This morning some children visited the Public in West Bromwich to take part in various workshops. They performed in a ukulele concert along with  another Sandwell School.

Firstly, we went to a singing workshop.

Secondly,  we explored the interactive equipment at the Public.

Next, we visited the Rock and Pop performance.

After that we performed four songs to the general public.



This is Mr Sheppard  and he will be teaching Year 3  ukulele in September.

Finally, we attended a drumming workshop.

Year 3  would like to say a huge thank you to Dan for all his help today.


In ICT we have been making the Beebots represent the life cycle of a butterfly. Don’t worry Mr Murphy we have haven’t destroyed the Beebots. We have given them a makeover.



Thank you Miss Ravenscroft

All of the staff and children in Year 3 and 4M would like to thank Miss Ravenscroft for all her hard work this week. We have really enjoyed working with her this week.  We would like to wish  her good luck for the rest of  her  6th form work experience and with her  A levels.  

Get Talking, Get Learning

Literacy – Next week we are going to continue with our Language Play topic looking at different types of poems.  This week we looked at nonsense poems, limericks and riddles. Have a go at writing your own limerick this weekend? Can you write one about yourself?

Phonics – Keep reading everyday.  Can you read and write all your green words? Have a go at putting them into sentences this weekend.

Remember to keep reading everyday.  10 minutes everyday will help your reading and writing. 

Numeracy – In Numeracy we are going to problem solving.  We have to learn many new skills to plan, organise and run a fantastic picnic.  We will need to do some research using tally charts to find out and make decisions on the food and drinks we will have at the picnic. We will practise making receipts and finding change.  Can you find change from £1? Make your own shop this weekend and play shop keepers with your family.

You should have received your invitations to our Year 3 Picnic please R.S.V.P by Monday so we can make arrangements and continue to plan a fantastic afternoon. Over the weekend think about what healthy food and drinks we could have at our picnic.  Make a list, poster or draw your ideas ready for Monday.

What a performance!

We have been performing limericks.