Happy Holidays!

During the course of the holidays I would like you to share your exciting holiday experiences.  So please leave a comment to let us know what you’re up to!

8 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. In the holidays on august the 10th me and my family are going to Portugal in algarve and we have got our own villa with a pool so I am very exited.

  2. Miss Thomas has a new nephew called Harry. He was born last Wednesday and weighed in at 7lb 5oz. He is so cute!

  3. I went to bristol to meet my mom’s cousin and there was a canal that wasn’t full in the day but was filled up at night and there was so much traffic i couldn’t get to sleep and my cousins dad and me also my two brother’s went for a walk and we saw a church with a golden flemingo at the top and there was this sofa that could turn into a bed.inthe afternoon we went to see where my mom’s cousin works so we went in his car. also my mom’s counsins dad, his freind and my dad went to the harbor festival and we had to sleep either on the sofa bed the inflatable bed or the sofa so my little brother and my mom slept on the sofa bed, my dad and my big brother slept on the inflatable bed and i slept on the sofa because my mom’s cousins mom and dad slept on the spare bed and my mom’s cousin and his freind had there own bed’s and on the next day my mom’s cousins mom and dad went back to chandigarh in india.

  4. I went to sunderland to meet my dads freinds and we went on sunday and on monday we went Alnswick castle and it was great and in 2000 harry potter did his first movie and we went into a dragons quest and there were like demons in a mirror maze and there was robin hood and there was elves and then when we got through there was a bridge witch moved and then after that there was a kissing gate with a lock and you had to try and et through it then there was a dragon and you had to go through it’s mouth and then we went back and i fell asleep on the way because it was a 4 hour drive because we went a 1:30 and when we got there it was 4:30

  5. I went to sunderland to meet my family and on monday we went to alnwick castle and we went into the castle and in 2000 harry potter did his first video and on tuesday we went to the lake district and we had some burger and some fish and chips and on wednesday we went to durham castle and we went down a hill and on thursday we went to newcastle and we saw a bridge that was 1 metere long and 20 cm high and on friday we went to the blue reef aquirium and there was a seal show and after that we went to the beach that was right by us and after that we went home and on saturday we went home at 9:00 and it was a 10 hour drive and when we reached there it was 7:00

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