Concert and Picnic

Today we celebrated our wonderful achievements in ukulele this year  with a spectacular concert. Your singing  and playing sounded fabulous. A huge thank you  to Mr Cockshott and Dan for all your help.

Afterwards parents joined us for a family  picnic  so we could share our work on  ‘Coming Alive!’ It was a splendid afternoon. Well done Year 3!

It was brilliant to see so many parents at this event. Thanks for allowing me permission to blog these pictures.

7 thoughts on “Concert and Picnic

  1. I liked the concert because it was spectacular to do it in a full house.The most fantastic thing i liked about the picnic was that you got to take pictures but the most thing i liked about the picnic was taking miss dindale job doing the drinks for loads and loads and loads of guests.

  2. it was great having our picnic and ukulele concert because we did a full house of people watching our ukulele concert and having a spectacular time at our picnic because we got to play games and have our pictures taken with our family and also our great freinds.

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