We allowed the chicken’sĀ out before our important visitors arrived. The chickens will soon be leaving school to go and live with Miss Dinsdale.

5 thoughts on “Chickens

  1. I remember when I was in Y3 we had chickens Miss Dinsdale took them to live with her. How are the chickens from last year? I aslso remember Phillis, Clover and the all of the rest from last year.

  2. I loved the chickens because they were first an egg in an inkybaitor then they were in an cage because they grew and lastly they had feathers on there legs and they really brown and they were so good when we took them out on the rug.

  3. The chickens we had this year have grown much more since they hatched and a lot more vicious because our class had them out and Miss Hendrickson was trying to put them away when one suddently jumped up onto my knee and I got ever so frightend.

  4. When we tried to get the chicks back in there cage one of them got mya’s knee and she was so frightend. I wonder if the other year 3 class will have them and i won’t forget fernando and the others.

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