Living in the ‘Better Bearwood’!

Imagine you live in the new Bearwood we designed.  You wake up one morning and look out of your window.  Has the view from your window improved?

Can you describe the new Bearwood?

49 thoughts on “Living in the ‘Better Bearwood’!

  1. Staring out of the bright, shiny window. The outline of the buildings cast shadows into my room. Quickly, I got dressed and raced to meet my friends at the football Stadium. Bearwood United verses Manchester United it should be an amazing final. I hope we win the cup. I walk down Bearwood Road swinging my arms to reach each tree. I can see the cinema in the distance. I love the shiny, purple windows and the way the building sparkles in the sunlight.

    Can you write your own version?

  2. If i lived in the new bearwood i think my house would have a very nice view of the football pitch.

  3. Sleepily, I got out of bed and opened my leather,pink curtains.I could see the disco.At the disco you could do dancing, and around the disco there were glittering, flashing lights.I felt like going to the glamorous disco.Then I saw a curved,shaped theatre that had coloured bulbs round it.Next I saw the gym,at the gym you could do exercise and keep fit.The gym was beautiful it was very sparkly and it was enormous.

  4. Sleepliey I went to the Window and I saw the glamrous and shining bearwood bus staition. People can walk threw to the bus staition.The bus staition is a amazing ,wonderful and fabulous. It have to be clean and it should have a map on it. The reason we need a bus staition beacause if they need a bus to go Somewhere.The map is for where you want to go.

  5. Shining brightly, the sun shone throw my window.Quickly I dashed down the street and went to the toy factuary.It has brilliont shiny windows and a coularfull door.The gigantick football stadium is full of long green grass with huge goals.Running quickly I zoomed to the cricket stastadiom it has extra long cricket bats and hard green can play criket at an time even if its so early.The glamous cinena is awesome because you can watch the latest filims.

  6. The new Bearwood is awesome.I quickly got dressed.Then i went outside and i saw poeple going there to play. We were in the football pitch and i was watching cheslela vs cardiff and cheslela won £1000 because they won the throphy. I went to see how the factory was. I looked and there was a fire. So I speedily got some water and put it on the fire. I went home and I went to sleep.

  7. One sunny morning I jumped out of bed. I went to the swimming pool. I come out of the swimmin gpool becuase it was so cold.

  8. I went down the road tro the pitch to watch them play football and then i went home. I had rock to eat. I went to the shop and then I went back home to have some dinner. After I went to my friends house and we went to bowling but i had to go home to bed.

  9. One sunny,bright morning.I woke up I opened my curtains then I into the bathroom then I got dressed then ate my breakfust then I didn’t know what to do. Next then I asked my Mum but then she said’ Tell your brother or sisier!!’
    Dad said ‘ Are we coming to the swimming pool? Then we can go to the restaurant and after that we can go to the toy shop.’
    So we all got our things ready,. We went to the places and the places were fun, amazing and great. Soon we had to go home and we went straight to bed.

  10. I went t watch a football matc at the new Bearwood stadium with my friends from class 3D. We were very excited because it was Manchester United against Manchester City. It was the only nuetural venue. We went to pick up Joshan. At the end of the match Man U won 8-0. Then we went to the new game zone. Its ace! I love game zone because it has all the lastest games. We got three games. We walked home down the litter free pavement. I played them for hours.

  11. Well done to everyone who published their work today. However if you didnt get to publish today then you will do it later in the week as your writing activity in Guided Reading. I have read some great drafts and look forward to seeing them published on the blog.

  12. Unexpectedly I got out of bed ,looked through my large bedroom window and saw an enormous ,huge and outstanding swimming pool. I called my mother and got dressed while I was telling my mother about the swimming pool. We zoomed down tothe swimming pool. Next thing you know were relaxing in the pool!

    After we decided to go down to the football stadium. Just in time we managed to get some tickets to the football game. Me and my mom was enjoying ourselfs. Suddenly a player kicks the massive, hard ball to high and my mother catches it. Sadly my mother feels the pain of stingingin her hands.

    Luckily we managed to rush down to my house and bandage up her hand before it went terribly red. After a While my mother felt much better so we went to the cinima and watched a hilarious movie and enjoyed the rest of our lovely day.

  13. Sleepily, I walked towards the window! Suddenly, I saw the giant glass building.. it was the cinema. I put my star wars top and my jeans. Then I went to the enourmous cinema. When I got there I saw the popcorn stand. The cinema was amazing. I went to watch Jurrassic park IV. It was in 3D. When it had finished I went home. It was brilliant!!

  14. Sleepily,Iwoke up.I had a great view of the football stadium .After my I
    had my bekfast I went for a long walk. When I got outside I heard a goal!!!! Liiverpool had scored it was there best player.It was against ManchesterUnited On my walk I phoned my friends I asked them if they wanted to go to the cinema and watch avatar the movie . We could have some dinner afterwards.After that I went to the gym and did some exercies.

  15. sleepily,I woke up and opened my bedroom window and with my mouth wide open I wispered ‘wow!’ as I saw there was a new bearwood! So I went outside to explore.It was rainining so I wore my coat but I noticed it was raining football tickets.I catched loads of tickets and they were all W.B.A v.s bearwood blues plus they were free.Quickly Iran to the bearwood stadium to get a drink and watch the big match!!!!!

    Graham Dorrans was running down the wing, crossed it into ismail millerand he headered it into the net.1.0 to W.B.A as I left and went to the hotelto have a nice drink and sleep butifully for the match tomorrow!Yay they won 6.0 the nxt day and won the cup!!!

  16. Unexpectedly, I Jumped out of bed. I looked out of my window .Then the sun
    shone, brighytly on my face. Then I got dressed and I saw the cinama, hotel, Libary,national bank, shops, local salons, petrol station, car shops and lot’s of houses.There was a new building called the hard Welsh museum. Everyone went to look at the museum. I kicked a football at the museum window. However the manger of the museum came out and said’ You will have to pay for the damage done to the window!’ There is the biggest football stadium However they also build a cricket pitch to cheer me up.

  17. Sleepliy, i opened my blinds and smiled at new Bearwood. The new bearwood had a park,shops,football stadium,school, lego shops and it looked all so neat and tidy. However the council started a meeting about Bearwood and every one lived like a king for 11001100 years.

  18. First I woke up feeling shatterd I opened the bright red curtains and looked outside and saw a football stadium. I put my clothes on and went outside I wanted to see the football game, but when I got there I never had any tickets to get into the stadium. I then went to the cafe and had a hot chocolate. David Beckham was playing for England, they won 2-1…hooray England won! After I went to the disco and did some break dancing. I had a lovely drink with frozen ice. I went to the cinema and watched Avatar in 3d, the film was 2 hours long! I fell asleep, I went home and went to bed. I said ‘goodnight’ to my mom, I went to sleep and had a glass of milk and 4 cookies. What a busy day!

  19. I jumped out of my bed and went to my window. I saw a huge green stadum. I looked left I was shocked to see there was a cinema. I quickly brushed my teeth, got changed and went out side. I looked right there was swimming
    baths. While I was walking past the stadium looked really huge after a while I started to walk past the cinema it was like 12 metres tall.

  20. Sleeply, I up crawled out of bed and got ready.I put my best clothes on and hurried to the football staduim!!!! I was so excited! Who would win? I quickly rushed up the stairs and sat down. The final was about to start. It was Manchester United vs Liverpool at Bearwood Stadium.I cheered loudly hoping Manchester will win.

  21. Sleepily i woke and came out of my bed.Then i opend my liverpool curtons and saw a match. So i quickly got changed and ran outside to see the footballmatch. It was Liverpool and manchester united. The scores were Liverpool 4 and Manu 0.Then Liverpool WON!!!!!!!!

  22. Sleeply i woke up then i opened my leather curtains and i could see the gym all the way from here.The gym is where you can exersise and work out.Quickly i ran out of my bed and got dressed and i packed my suitcase to go and stay in the shambralai hotel. I wondered if i should go to the national bank of engaland to get my money. I got to the shambralai hotel to see my freinds and i madly rushed to my flat.Then after that i went to my freinds flat to watch the football final.

  23. Wow! I love all the descriptions of the View from our Windows. I am really impressed to see all your fantastic wow words and power openers.
    Well done to you all. Keep up the brilliant blogging.

  24. Suddenly i got out of bed i ll ooked through my wi ndowand brushed my teeth washed my face and got dressed. However i wizzed to the Worship Centre and prayed to my God, because, there were rooms for people different religoins to pray to their own God. So i prayed my own religion to my God but he’s not alive but God can hear and see us up in heaven. After i was talking to my friend. he was my close friend so then I walked to my house. As soon a s I saw a cinema I watched the Micheal Jacksons This Is It and it was outstanding because he’s the King of Pop. On my way home i saw a football stadium. So i went to the football stadium it was liverpool .vs. man united. Liverpool ! won. Horray! for Liverpoll i was so relieved i was happy so then finally i went home.

  25. I like the new sinimar becuse we have popcorns and we couid wach exiting filums in the sinimar and we coiud play amazing games to play.fantasticly I saw enormas wus massive sinimar ween I opond my cartuns.

  26. Tiredly i woke up dragged myself out of bed and got dressed for school.
    As i walked along the whole place was brillant.The school had changed and i don’t remeber having a cinema or a salon, my mom will enjoy this new bearwood!today i was excited becuase i going to a football match.As i walked so slow into the coach.I could already see the football stadium.Becuase it was so big and enormuos.I got there in a minute.

    There was manchester united and chelsha on the way.I accidently i bumped into some one and it was my freind Elizbeth.We started talking and chattering during the match stoped.And we went to the salon and had are hair done.Make-up done and we went to get some yummy sweets at the SWEET SHOP! we even went to the cinema witch was could cin world we went to the musem to find out information and we went on a tour round the musem it was good in are new BEARWOOD it was like a dream then we went to ASDA and got a nice smoothe to coolen down are throuts and after that we had a mc donalds and we all went home and went to bed.

  27. Quickly I moved to the window I saw a disco, you can dance at the disco. There was a loght it was shinign bright, it was pink, yellow, blue and there were snacks and a dj was changing the songs and he was so tired he called someone out to change the music. He said ‘No iam not going to’. I was walking home and i saw a cinema it was amazing, you can watch dvd that you want. It is dark, you can even eat some pop corn and get some 3d glasses.

  28. Sleepily i woke up and came out of my bed.Then i opened my Liverpool curtons and saw a match.So i quickly got changed and ran outside,to see
    the footballmatch.It was Liverpooland Manchester united.The scores were Liverpool 4 and manu 0.Then Liverpool WON!!!!!!!!!!

    Then i went to my friends house and said “Do you want to go to the cinima?”Ok,”
    So we went to watch Clash of the Titans.Then we went to get some popcorn and it was about when paople are figting.Then it was fineshed.Then i saw a funfair.So i had some rides.

    Then i went hometo eat something and went to bed.

  29. SuddlyI heard somebody shout”goal”I jumped out of my bed and saw that Liverpool and Manchetur United were playing but amazingly Liverpool were wining I started to watch themathbut my mum said time to go to school.I startedto actthat I was not well so my mum said”ok stay home”.

    Also my mum came back with food and said “we were going swing” and I yalled say no on!!! I want to go swing so we when’tI saw the glamrustown all and when we got therethat water wasso so amazing and shney all over the littel swingpool.Also a bearwood shopping centre and a hotel and a park. The park was amazing and a massive new carpark. Also we came back to the glamorous and cool town, and we ate and went to sleep.

  30. Sleepily, I woke up, crawled out of bed and got ready. I put my best clothes on and I went to the football staduim. I was so excited.Who would win. I quickly
    rushed up the stairs and sat down. The final was about to start.It was Manchester united us Liverpool. I cheered loudly hoping manchester would win. I wonder if Manchester United would win the cup. ” YES ” I shouted. Manchrester United had scored 3 goals.

    It was over they said it was coming on tonight. Suddenly,I bumped into my best friend rachel i didint bsee her for ages. we ran to the supermarket and we both got a milkshake.On the other side of the road was a cinema.It had lovely, pink windows with beautiful, purple curtains. I got a ticket and i quickly sat favrite film was on.

    I rushed to get some popcorn.I was lovely. the film had started and the curtains were closed. It was an amazing view, it had made Bearwood a fabulous place. Do you like our better Bearwood?

  31. Sleeply i woke up ,then i opened my leather curtains and i could see the gym all the way from here. The gym is where you can get exersise and workout.Quickly i ran out of my bed and got dressed and packed my suitcase to go and stay in the shambralai hotel.I wondred if i should go to the national bank to get my money.I got to the shambralai hotel to see my friends and i got there and i madly rushed to my room .Then when i did what i did and then i went to my freinds room and we watched the football final. liverpool verses newcastle and liverpool won. After that i went to the disco to see my dad whod come back from spain. I work at a school and the children were always trying there best and the school is amazing so i went for a rest and i cant wait what haopens on $aturday and on $unday.

  32. Slowly I stretchehed and yawned after I knew Ihad to get up and out of my cunfey butfull bed.I allos onped the blind but I never knew were I was! It was so beautiful. I sprinted down my stairs into my garden and went to my best friends homes.

  33. Sleepily I moved across my window took a look then I got out of bed. I got changed into my outdoor clothes At last I was in the football stadium with all my friends and Bearwood vs Liverpooll! football teacher said “next we are going to vs manchester united”this is the best life” I yelled then the football was going to start “get ready maties”.I quickly got raedy in my starting position.

  34. Tired I woke up opend the window. I saw shining window and glass. I saw people waking to the gigantic zoo. I had my breakfast i went to the cinma becase I was broed . Iwent with my frends Ismeel, liam, Dante, Awais, Joshan also at the game. We had a fun time there next we went to the bowling alley. Then we went to the game zone. We went swimming. I was hungrey so we went to the restrant then we went to the football stadiam. finley I went to the bus station. Then went to my home

  35. Sleeply, I moved towards the windows open the curtains and look out of the windows and saw a beautiful dance studio. I saw a girl dancing. I got ready ran down the stairs. Open the door I saw it was enormous. But then I saw a Mosque I said to myself “wow this is amazing I could ask my mum that I can go there to read.” I was walking towardsthe mosque. Then I saw Hermina and Halima came over to me and said we got place there. In dance studio and mosque.

  36. One morning, I woke up and I looked out of my window, I saw a better Bearwood.After that I rang up Dante and Awais soon we started to explore.
    We saw a big Lego shop, as we carried on walking along we saw a big Gym and
    a Disco.We were all in shock!
    ” This is a better Bearwood!”
    ” Whoa theirs a hotel called the Chambrulay Hotel” said Awais.
    I phoned up my Mum and told her to come to Bearwood.Soon she arrived I told
    her all about the much better Bearwood.After that we all went home.

  37. Sleepily, I moved towards the window and pulleds open my purple curtains. I looked out of the window and the first thing I saw was the cinema. I got dressed and went to meet my friends at the swimming pool. I went past the sweet shop and I got some sweets for my friends. The swimming pool was closed. ‘Oh no the swimming pool is closed. What shall I do?’ I said in a sad voice. I met a friend who owns a dog. The dog had a note attatched to his coller. It said ‘ Please come to the disco.’ We went to the disco.

  38. One sunny day I opened the windows and saw a new Bearwood with a fun fair a gaint choclate fauntine a sweet shop the size of a castle and a burgur,pizza and a coca cola house.I quickly phoned my friends to come to come and explore with me. We saw a moassive sweet shop. It was full of chocolate and swwets on of all of the shelfs. Next we saw a big cinema. The cinema was full of people so decided to leave. Then we saw the lego shop and brought some lego. After that we went to the clothes shop and brought some clothes. We all went home because it was dark.

  39. Suddenly I woke up and I saw people going to the football pitch so I went to brush my teeth and wash my face and my breakfast.Then I got the tickets for a football match it was bearwood vs chea lcy I wanted a drink . the machc started Bearwood got the kick off passed it to Nani then Dante blasted it to Jai and he kicked it to Dante but Rajen tackled Dante and John Terry had the ball but Awais came and tackled John Terry and scored. Half time came and then half time was Jai started off then scored then in a hour the match was over and Bearwood won 2-0.

  40. Sleeply i woke up, i looked out of my window and i saw a glittering salon sparkling. Quickly, i put on my clothes. I went out to the street. I walked along. I saw a football staduim which was as tall as a giraffe. Then down the road i saw a funfair,i ran along the pavment to the funfair. Suddenly my mum was calling me but i didn’t want to go. After a while i saw a enormous dancestudio with a glittering mirror. DO YOU LIKE OUR NEW BEARWOOD?

  41. Sneakily, I got out of bed and dressed as quickly as I could. Then I had my breakfast after that I went to the football stadim to see my best frends and I wondered who is going to score a goal. I went to have a drink before I played. I scored 3 goals, my mom and dad cheered alot because I had scored so many. When it was hometime my Dad explained you can go again whenever you want to. I shouted ‘Yes’! After I came home I had dinner and went to bed and dreamed about my goals. In the morning I got ready quickly to go to school because today was Monday. I quickly came back from school, my school was so colourful! My school was called Bearwood Primary School and I loved my school. I told my teacher about all about the football stadium!

  42. Tiredly, I woke up and quickly opened the curtains. Surprisely I looked out and…Everything was DIFFRENT! Quickly, I wore my favourite dress and brushing my teeth in a rush. I saw all my favourite places like a worship centre, cinema, playground, hotel and the school. Then I went to the cinema and the screen was massive.

  43. Tiredly i woke up and opened the curtains. Icould see the funfair. It looked amazing! I rushed downstairs and went outside as i walked past i could see the massive sweet shop and the glittering salon. The cinema looked beautiful.There were pink glass windows and the rest were light purple. I could not decide which building to go to so i quickly rushed through any door and there i was standing in the sparkly,glittering salon. Everybody was getting their make up done and their hair done. Next i went to the funfair. It was crowded with people there all sorts of scary and fun rides. When I came out of the funfair there were even more buildings.

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