Minutes from School Council Meeting – 27.9.19 – 2:30 p.m.

All classes attended.

All classes had had class council meetings except for: 3T and 6S.

The meeting was chaired by Keiry and Aleena

Notes were kept by Artur

Items discussed:

  1. Competitions they would like.
  2. Events they would like.

There were lots of super ideas shared Рask your class councillor about all of the ideas-  and it was agreed the council would vote on their top 5 next week and then share with Miss Haywood.

We have also agreed to discuss ideas to make playtimes and lunchtimes even better. Please share your ideas at class council, this week.

Meeting closed at 3p.m.

The next meeting is Friday 4th October @ 2:30 pm in the James’ room




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