Plan, Do, Review!


Every day we do Plan,Do, Review! This is a time where we get to discuss where we would like to learn and talk to our partners about what we want to do. We can choose from a number of activities in the creative area, outdoor area, construction area, sand and water play, writing table, reading corner, role play area etc. We recognise that “we are not just playing, we are always learning!” but we always have fun challenging ourselves.

Mae Jemison


October is Black History Month. To celebrate this we spent all day learning about Mae Jemison; the first African- American woman to go to space. We had lots of fun playing on the NASA website, counting stars in the moon gel, fishing for number rockets, painting splatter stars and making papier mache planets. We all went home very messy, but very happy!!!

Ruth Miskin Phonics

We have started our work on phonics this week. Parents often ask about the letter sounds or how to support their children at home with this. Here is a short film to give you some ideas and also to support you with saying the letter sounds. Enjoy!!


We worked hard making our own patterns this week. We are so good at making patterns that today we worked together to make some harder patterns.