The Witches

We have just finished reading The Witches by Roald Dhal and we would really recommend that you give it a read. It is an adventure story about a boy who’s parents have died and lives with his grandmother. The boy’s grandmother was ill and they needed stay in a hotel for a while. The other guests in the hotel are not all they seem to be. A brilliant story about magic, adventure and more. We would give it a rating of 10 out of 10. Beware! Some of the story can get a little scary!


Inkheart – Recommendation

I would recommend Inkheart to anyone who likes a thick book. Whilst reading Inkheart you will step into a world of fantasy and drama. I would definitely rate this book 5 stars out of 5 stars. You will be enhanced by the story almost as if you are part of it and will miss out if you do not read it. This book draws the reader in from the first word. You will LOVE it!! Read it now. You will feel as if you have experienced what has happened. You will cry, laugh and will feel shocked about the things that happen in this book. But one thing you won’t regret is reading this book.
Read the book to find out more. You will not regret your decision reading this book.

What am I reading? Mrs Berryman


I am three quarters of the way through this book at the moment. It’s a mystery, and quite spooky really. Something is scratching around in the attic above Alison’s room. Yet the only thing up there is a stack of grimy old plates. Alison and her stepbrother, Roger, discover that the flowery patterns on the plates, when traced onto paper, can be fitted together to create owls-owls that disappear when no one is watching. With each vanished owl, strange events begin to happen.

It’s a gripping and creepy plot and I’m really enjoying it.

What am I reading? Mrs Crofts

I have just started reading this after it was recommended to me by several people.  It starts with a shipwreck and a baby girl saved from the sea, found floating in a cello case.   Little Sophie is looked after by her eccentric guardian Charles and seems determined to find her mother, who she believes is still alive.

I’m already hooked – will review it when I’ve finished reading it!