Our sound today is k. Oh wow, it’s the same sound as c but it looks different.

Let’s say kk kangaroo, kk kick, kk key, kk kite

Let’s sound out some k words:

k-i-t, k-i-n, i-n-k

Have a go at writing the k letter using the picture to help. Don’t forget to use your crabby fingers to hold your pencil correctly.

Good luck!

Body parts game

Here is a nice game you can play with your family.

First have a look at the picture and name and point to the different parts of your body.

Now, close your eyes. A family member will touch you on a body part with the tip of their finger.

Keep your eyes closed and say where they touched you.

If that’s too easy make it more of a challenge by asking them to touch you very lightly. Softly with the finger or using a feather or soft brush.

You will need to concentrate really hard to work out which part of your body has been touched.

Good luck!

Grow your own bean

It’s really easy to do at home so let’s give it a try.

Get a bean seed. Place it in a jar with some wet cotton wool or paper towel.

We need to be patient. Keep it wet and wait. Leave your seed on a window so it can feel the sunlight.

Very soon you will see a root growing out of your seed. It really is amazing!

When the roots get bigger we need to place the seed in soil.

Wait a little longer and you will see a tiny sprout reach out from the soil, that is your bean plant!

Look after your new baby plant. It will need lots of water and sunlight to grow.