New Blog

We are making some changes to the blogs and bringing them together so that they are easier to find. Feel free to leave comments and look thr [...]

The Giant’s Necklace by Michael Morpurgo

Today we’re being text detectives and interrogating The Giant’s Necklace.  [...]


We had the opportunity to make models using modroc. Have a look at our work here!  [...]

Walsall Art Gallery

It’s been a week since our visit to Walsall Art Gallery. Is there a piece of art you remember? Why? What has made it stick in your min [...]

Bearwood Crew 2018

Well done to the Bearwood Crew for performing at Dance Fest 2018 at Netherton Arts Centre in June. We are all very proud of you. Mrs Sibley. [...]

The Dig

As part of year 5s topic this half term we are learning about archeologists and Romans. Today we were archeologists digging for hidden treas [...]

Mission to Mars planetarium

Yesterday year 5B put all their hard work on display for their parents. [...]
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