Division Methods

Stage 1

Children begin division through sharing objects. We discuss with them how many each individual has and how many they have altogether.

Stage 2

Children begin by creating their own number line. They write zero on the left and the biggest number on the right. They then subtract by the number they are dividing by and subtract this number from where they started. They continue this until they get back to zero. To find the answer you count how many jumps it has taken to get back to zero.

Below are videos to show the division methods used in KS2. The goal is to use the traditional method as this is most efficient. The earlier methods build up understanding of division. Children do not need to progress through all the methods. If they feel confident using the traditional method this is fine- they do not have to do all of the previous methods first.


Please click the link underneath each video so that you can watch the videos in full screen.


Stage 3 – Division on a number line


Stage 4 – Division- chunking method (chunks of 10,5,2)


Stage 5 – Division- chunking (larger chunks)


Stage 6 – Division- traditional method


Stage 7 – Division- traditional method with remainders


Stage 8 – Division- traditional method with decimals