Should children choose their own bedtime? By Jaskaran

This is Jaskaran and I am reporting about whether children should choose their own bedtime.

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Heated debate-Venus

Hi, I’m Venus this is about: Should School Uniforms be compulsory for all school pupils?

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Should children wear school uniforms-Sanjit

Hi this is dj Sanjit coming to you with an argument that will never end.

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24.10.11 Breaking news

Hi! Unfortunately this is the last radio broadcast of this term, however we have great news for you. In our broadcast you will hear about interesting spiders and our update on football.

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Hi, we have wonderful news for you, friends and family to listen to. We have stories about a 3D printer, sports and lots more.

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Breaking News 10.10.11

Hi! Today we have some more Breaking News for you to hear that was recorded last week. Remember year 3 to year 6 have been making this radio broadcast so enjoy their hard work.

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Latest Broadcast 03.10.11

Here is the latest news from all around the world. People from year 3 to year 6 have been working extremely hard so get ready to be impressed!

This week hear about the crocodile who turned orange, the scientist who made particles travel faster than the speed of light and the devastating house fire in Neasden.

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Breaking News! 26th September

Listen to the latest broadcast hot off the press from Bearwood News University.

This broadcast was researched, written, recorded and edited by KS2 pupils from Bearwood Primary during their university course.

This week hear about the Welsh mine tragedy, a triumphant Arsenal football team and a school bus that travels at over 300mph!

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