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Hello everyone at Bearwood school my name is Ibraheem and I am in Bearwood Buzz and my class is 4H. My favourite things are watching football and playing loads of games on the PS3. I absolutely love reading books and I also like reading some magazines. I have read loads of books at home. My favourite sport is football because I always play with my brother in the garden at home and I also play in the park. My favourite football team is Manchester United because they have lots of good players like Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie. My favourite Olympic sport is the sprinter races. I love Usain Bolt, he is the fastest man in the world and he got an Olympic World record. London 2012 will be the most memorable school holidays of my life. I actually went to london 2012 to watch the Olympic Hockey. It was amazing.

4 thoughts on “Hi Bearwood Primary School

  1. That is really good Ibraheem and I now know that you love football and the olympics. You also like reading magazines. That is a fantastic introduction.

  2. wow! Ibraheem that is amzing. I also like watching the olympics especially when Usain Bolt is running the hundred and 200 metre race.

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