Hi Bearwood Primary School

Hello everyone at Bearwood school, my name is Abhiraj and I am in Bearwood Buzz. I am in class 4P. My favourite things are playing games and with my remote control car that I got on my birthday. I am 9 years old.  I like writing  stories, instructions and adventure stories. My favourite sport is football because I play with my dad in the park.  Also I have a place in the football club. My favourite food is pizza . My favourite dinosaur is the Tyrannosaurus-Rex. I do my homework at home because I want to reach higher levels in my learning so I get a good degree  in college. My favorite Olympic sport is athletics because  my favourite Olympic athlete is Usain Bolt who  holds the Olympic running world record.



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  1. This is absolutely amazing Abhiraj. I love it. You have written loads about your self. I have read it and I like it. My favourite sports is also football. I also watch football. A lovely piece of writing.

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