Hello Bearwood Primary School.

Hello everybody at  Bearwood priamry school I am Eliot and I am from Bearwood Buzz and my class is 4p. My favourite things are writing, I like playing with my remote controlled toy and I love Dinosaurs. I am 8 years old like making up story’s {and writing them}Also instructions about drawing Dinosaurs and other items.  I like maths I know all my times tables. I kind of  like football, I support Barcelona and Man United. My favourite Dinosaur is Allosaurs and Velociraptor they are both predators {I don’t expect you to know them both}. My favourite food’s are sausages,pizza and salad.The 2012 Olymipcs were so cool. My favourite Olympian is probably Usain Bolt he holds the running world record in  men’s 100m.


























































One thought on “Hello Bearwood Primary School.

  1. My favourite athlete is Usain Bolt too. Do you know what time he can run the 100m in? I also like Mo Farah. Do you know what event he participates in?

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