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Hi Guys! It’s been great being with you all for the week. Tell us what you thought about your stay at Edgmond Hall…What was your favourite bit? Which meal did you enjoy the most? Which activity your enjoyed the most? What do you think was the funniest event?

We all look forward to reading your comments!

Have a good Easter holiday!

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  1. Hello everybody, my name is Jarell. I’m going to be one of the children to tell you all about our trip to Edgmond Hall! Edgmond Hall was great, and it was even better for the people that didn’t go last year! For me i was very privileged because i went last year however, i found out lots of different things that i had either forgotten or didn’t know before my visit… thats one of the good things about going to Edgmond Hall.

    Going to Edgmond was really fun and entertaining, but the one thing that all of the kids dread was… Bed time! Although you may be thinking that we must be in bed for seven ‘o’ clock on the dot, we often got to bed around mmm (i’m afraid to tell some parents this but) ten and eleven ‘o’ clock…! Some people probably didn’t even get to sleep until about half eleven! Bed time was one of my favourite times, because we got lovely, hot showers and films even hot coco and biscuits, mmm.

    The meals at Edgmond were okay, for me they were not as good as they were last year never the less, i still have a favourite and that was sweet & sour chicken with rice and a drink! I would say that out of all the meals at Edgmond that one was my favourite.

    My favourite event was probably Pond dipping simply because that was when i got cold canal water down my back and it was hillarious! Now i think miss thomas is going to remind me about it for the rest of my school life at bearwood primary school. That was also my funniest moment of Edgmond Hall, Ha ha haaaaa!

    Okay folks thats all from me and my information on Edgmond Hall, bye guys! Happy easter.

    from jarell.

  2. Thanks Jarell! I’ve enjoyed reading your memories. I enjoyed the Sweet and Sour Chicken as well! And yes, it was very funny when the water went down your back. I promise not to mention it…too often!

  3. These are Tyesha’s Memories:

    I enjoyed the zip wire desipite the fact I fell off! Also i enjoyed bedtime we was awake all night and the next morning I realised it was my group who were climbing the wrekin !!! I was so tired.

  4. WOW! What a week. I miss the zip wire even though I screamed every time it got to the end. I am so greatful to my Mum and Dad for letting me go to Edgmond hall.
    Got to go now, need to do some chores for mum(Mr Murphy I know this is not a paragraph as you told all of us at Edgmond Hall to write one). See you later alligator bye bye.

    • O.k I am going to finish my paragraph.In Edgmoud Hall,the best thing was to go on the wrekin.Well actually it was not because my legs where going to drop off.It was fun,but such a big hill.

      In my opinion, the food was very nice.Loads of variety and great juice.I really miss the cookies especally the chocalate ones.Yummy!

  5. Firstly i would like to thank my family for letting me go edgmond also, the teachers for looking after me well. I have to say edgmond is lovely place to go ,but the weather was boor.

    Bedtime was not that bad [but it was very noisy]. [I am quit happy at home because i can wake up very late]. Also people really want to stay up very late which i never choosed.

    Food was fantastic,delicious to eat i really enjoyed it so much but, i never liked strawberry yogurt [ with the bits in].

    Mr murphy my clothes luckily never got dirty! but, why did you make me rub dirty leavers on my clean, shiny hands why. … Although hope you have enjoy you easter holidays.

  6. I loved Edgmond hall. Thanks to the staff for letting us go there. The zip wire was amazing even though my legs were dangling off the seat the first time i did it. But I did it properly.The activites were all great, espically fires and shelters.

  7. I had a joyful , enjoyable time at Edgmond it was ever so exhilirating.
    When we arrived we did team activities.
    Our team at first was shouting lots of negative comments but then
    Gareth taught us a valuable lesson- always shout positive comments not
    After that we all had lunch! YUM YUM!!!!!!!!

    p.s:Thankyou to my parents , and all the staff that came with me on the trip.

    THANKYOU MOM AND DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. On monday I felt abit tired but it was fun.I loved the food did you? My favourite meal was the Chicken Tikka, My favourite activity was the zip wire, i was scared at first but then i loved it and went on it three times!
    happy easter

    from shaani

  9. My favourite activity was sand sack where you had
    to get the
    whole group from one side to another .
    We had to hop and stay in the sack at the same time .
    We found out that counting and then hopping helped us loads .
    Once we had got 2 of our team members across we carried on doing
    that and we sucseeded . …1…2…3… HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. My favourite time at edgmond hall was when i fell in the mud, on the course magic flying carpet. Also the day i came back home i made some chocolate cornflake cakes with my aunty.

  11. Mr murphy i hope you feel fresh when the easter holiday finish so [when we come back school] . I am really happy that i went to edgmond, because i really had fun [ i have to say].

  12. I am really enjoying my hoilday . Also i have been busy all day today [today i going to someone birthday party,so i been so busy today.[ i really want to go sleep!!!!!].

  13. Edgmond Hall, was an experience for me. I really enjoyed it.The zip wire was very scary. But i fell of once. Also, I am very happy that I won the top table award. My best places was coach house and the billard room. The wrekin was very high! Thank you Mr Murphy and all the staff for taking us.

  14. Hi Maya hope you are having fun and enjoying your adventure. We are very proud of you taking this journey and hope to see loads of pictures of the fun things you are going to do.

    Love you lots Mummy, Daddy and Ryan

  15. Hi Nam ,you brother Viet miss you and all family miss you show must. Have you have great time ,enjoy you sell. I love you my love x x x

    • Thank you Viet! This was a lovely message. Please try to get the other classes to comment too!

  16. Hi Hasti, I hope you’re having a great time. We’re all missing you so much. Have a great time and enjoy yourself. I’ll see you soon x

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