14 thoughts on “Edgmond Hall 2015!

  1. Hooray, you all ready to come home!!!
    Beautiful picture of Bearwood family.
    Beautiful smiles everyone, (I bet they can’t compete with the smiles of your parents).
    Well done for being exceptional children.
    You done Bearwood school proud.
    See you in a couple of hours, can’t wait. Xxxxxx

  2. They all look very happy and very tired – well done to all involved on what appears to be a very successful residential!

  3. Great pictures! Congrats to photographer for taking and posting pictures. Keeps us all informed and updated. Looks like a great time was had by all. Thanks to all the staff involved for making it great success and fun trip

  4. I loved all the moments at Edgmond hall i was so sad to leave i wish we had a few more days there to do more. My favorite thing to do was fencing and feeding the rabbits , chickens and goats. I also liked all my things i brought from the shop. And now its time to enjoy the holidays for Easter and a big happy Easter to everyone. XX

  5. I can’t wait to go to Edgmond Hall in 2016 – 21st – March 😀
    I think it would be fun!

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