35 thoughts on “English

  1. On the Ning Nang Nong

    On the Ning Nang Nong
    Where the Cows go Bong!
    and the monkeys all say BOO!
    There’s a Nong Nang Ning
    Where the trees go Ping!
    And the tea pots jibber jabber joo.
    On the Nong Ning Nang
    All the mice go Clang
    And you just can’t catch ’em when they do!
    So its Ning Nang Nong
    Cows go Bong!
    Nong Nang Ning
    Trees go ping
    Nong Ning Nang
    The mice go Clang
    What a noisy place to belong
    is the Ning Nang Ning Nang Nong!!

  2. Suffering a sense of deja vu
    One dark and chilly evening
    She hurrid though the dust of town
    A detour of criminal renown

    In the distance,a double scare:

    One – a dwalf was learking there
    Two-she saw him draw his gun.
    She did not dare to ask him why.
    Had to run-or she would die

  3. (Quick boring poem).

    Youre as boring as a bottle,
    Youre as boring as a rat,
    Youre as boring as a jelly monster popping out a hat…

  4. Role model is someone you look up to
    Obey them
    Listen to them
    Everyone will be nice
    Must respect them
    Don,t do bad things
    Everyone will be happy
    Lovely and caring


  5. Christmas Snow
    There is one thing you have to know;
    At Christmas time, it has to snow.
    The ground must fill with fluffy white
    That softens up the cold, dark night.

    It helps out Santa, that white snow,
    Reflecting off the night moon’s glow.
    It makes us feel so snug instead
    When we’re inside our soft, warm bed.

  6. I’m building a rocket.
    As soon as I’m done
    I’m taking my friends
    on a trip to the sun.

    But what to you mean
    that the sun is too hot?
    Oh well, I suppose
    I’ll just pick a new spot.

    I’m building a rocket.
    I’m finishing soon
    and taking my friends
    on a trip to the moon!

    But what do you mean
    that the moon has no air?
    Well dang, then I guess
    that we can’t go up there.

    I’m building a rocket.
    It’s going to fly.
    I’m taking my friends
    way up high in the sky.

  7. Boring Poem (Sorry it’s a tiny bit short)

    Your as boring as a cat
    Your as boring as a tree
    Your as boring as snake that has just stung me.

  8. I decorated my satchel with a massive JARELL written in the middle, there are lots of little jarell’s written around it! 😛

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