Year 6 so far by Kyle

So far in year 6…

I have had a great start in year 6. So far in year 6, I have learnt a lot of things like progressive tense in English and new maths topics like rounding up to 10, 100 and 1000. I have also been learning how to join my hand writing and making it look nice and neat.

My maths is realy good now because I have been working hard in maths and because I am trying to do my best.

Nelly’s Walsall Art Gallery Review

Walsall Art Gallery,
Walsall Art Gallery was an amazing trip. It was obviously a great experience for me and the rest of the class. The Walsall Art Gallery was well produced and has some of the best pieces of art work I have ever seen. It would definitely be a great place to go with your family. I rate the Walsall Art Gallery 5 stars because it was amazing and I loved it there seeing all the beautiful art. It was so intriguing, I was just so eager to draw all of the fantastic pieces of art that was produced there.

Devinder’s Walsall Art Gallery Trip Advisor Review

Walsall Art Gallery

This was a very interesting trip. I was going there for the second time and it was still so intriguing to see what new paintings they had. The building was so technically brilliant, so well-structured and is an amazing addition to the town square. It will be a fun day out with the family. A superb bonus is that it’s free to get in unless you want to make sculptures.