Can we persuade you to visit Cirque Du Freak?


Do you love to be creeped out? Do you love devilish behaviour? Do you need to be scared out of your wits? Are you in need to witness the ‘freakishly’ weird? Do you need to come face to face with your worst nightmare?

For one week only, Cirque Du Freak!

The Wolf-Man (A real life werewolf)
Gigantic, gory, glum, the Wolf-Man is an act you won’t forget. He smells, he’s ugly, he’s horrible! But, he’s an important part of the Cirque Du Freak clan: his shabby appearance attracts the gasps of the audience. His teeth are as sharp as they are yellow. If there’s one person in this freak show you don’t want to mess with, it’s the Wolf-Man.

An asylum is needed to contain this vivid nightmare.

Elizabeth Van Souwe, a shaking teenager, said excitedly, “It was grim, ghastly and great, a show for everyone. It was an un-rewindable experience. I wish I could go again.”

Enchanting and fascinating
This spectacle has lots more morbid and grotesque acts, each of them creepier than the last. If you love the odd and the fiendishly weird, this is the show for you. But, I think you should see them for yourself, not just in a flyer – do you?

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